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We need a permanent solution, Kenyans tell authorities after deadly Salgaa accident
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Nov 19, 2017 at 09:36 EAT
The wreckage of the ill fated matatu
  • The Salgaa stretch has been known as a deadly black spot for a long time.
  • Kenyans blame the loss of lives through road accidents on the authorities for neglecting their work.
  • Many feel that the many accidents happening on that stretch can be avoided.

Following the grisly accident that claimed at least 11 lives on the morning of November 19; Kenyans have come out to blame the authorities for being negligent.

The accident at Teachers near Salgaa at around 3 am is said to have occurred when the driver of the matatu swerved to avoid hitting cows and hit an oncoming lorry head-on.

Rongai OCPD Japheth Kioko confirmed that 11 passengers and the driver of Great Rift shuttle vehicle registration KCB 824G died on the spot.

The truck driver and his turn boy suffered serious injuries and were taken to Nakuru Level Five Hospital.

The Salgaa spot has been labeled a deadly black spot for the many lives it has taken. Accidents like the Sachangwan oil tanker that killed 131 people happened in the same stretch.

Kenyans on Twitter condemned the loss of lives claimed in today's accident and blamed the government for letting reckless drivers go unpunished. They also blamed traffic police for putting too much focus on bribes rather than checking the trustworthy of vehicles on road. Some felt like the government need to come up with a dual carriage for that section

Here is what many had to say;

We have rogue drivers on our roads because we have even more rogue traffic policemen and rogue @ntsa_kenya officials,@NPSOfficial_KE

— The Don (@pete2744) November 19, 2017

It's expected when @NPSOfficial_KE officers take bribes and engage in stupid activities like stoning vehicles and shooting innocent @CoalitionNASAKe supporters. @ntsa_kenya also joins the mediocracy. God will deliver us from nincompoops like @jboinnet who can't deliver.

— Jacinta Abby (@JancyAbbs) November 19, 2017

SALGAA again...@ntsa_kenya we need a report on what's the root cause of accidents on this section of the road. Too many lives being lost without a permanent solution! By now you should have the report and the recommendations.

— David Ochieng' (@David0chieng) November 19, 2017

Road designers are better placed to advise on this. Bumps may not be the solution to these accidents, do you the rmbr what caused the Karai accident in Naivasha?.It could be poor road design or carelessness. However a thorough study may help in getting the root cause

— David Ochieng' (@David0chieng) November 19, 2017

Lets learn to click the link b4 commenting..."the accident happened after the matatu driver lost control after hitting a cow, before colliding with the truck" That notwithstanding, @KeNHAKenya must get a solution for this deadly stretch.

— Pharis Kiama (@Phaary) November 19, 2017

Very sad indeed. PLEASE DON'T try to point fingers or say RECKLESS driving coz it cant be only at SALGAA is where drivers get reckless. I don't want to hear of those remedies like NIGHT Travel BAN.NTSA Kenya,KENHA n Traffic Police to take full responsibility

— Geneuine Eyewitness (@GeneuineEyewit2) November 19, 2017

Transport infrastructure quality, 2017

1. Singapore2. UAE3. Hong Kong5. Japan6. US7. France10. Germany15. UK19. Australia21. China30. Indonesia37.Russia38. Mexico65.Brazil70.Iran128. Nigeria129. VenezuelaVia: WEFKenya is nowhere Salgaa hotspot speaks volumes.

— Atanasi (@Atanasi_) November 19, 2017

Time we stopped saying gvt to do something, it’s our attitude when driving, have seen these shuttles along Waiyaki Way and I always sympathize with innocent passengers waiting for anything to happen. The ripple effect to those left behind is unquantifiable, Sad.

— Rafael Kinyili (@Raflobardo) November 19, 2017

Today, we take a minute to pray for the repose Of souls of the many Kenyans who die every week on Salgaa Road & remember their mourning families ... And we need to ask our Government why Nakuru - Eldoret is not a dualized Highway.

— Donald B Kipkorir (@DonaldBKipkorir) November 19, 2017

Salgaa will continue to destroy lives and consume innocent souls of Kenyans if responsible Authorities continue being on bed with cartels. Nairobi-Nakuru-Eldoret Highway isn't a dual-carriage, why? Is the govt not collecting enough revenues along this road to fund its expansion?

— Atanasi (@Atanasi_) November 19, 2017

Oh no. Yet again Salgaa claims lives. How many more must die before we start demanding that GoK takes road safety seriously? Has losing an average of one matatu-load of people every two days for the last 15 years not been enough? https://t.co/QG3vkAndVT https://t.co/KNhDaTcZVe

— gathara (@gathara) November 19, 2017

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