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OPINION: What Governor Sonko should do to secure the presidential seat
By Charles Bazenga | Updated Nov 17, 2017 at 15:35 EAT
Governor Sonko and his Deputy Igathe
  • The County Government has so much work to do before Kenyans approve them for good office handling.
  • Mike Sonko, being in favour of the current government should present the urgent needs for the County in order to get funds.
  • If Sonko and his office carry out the issues that are hard pressing Nairobians, it will be an easy pass for him if he views for the presidency in future.

His Excellency Governor Gideon Mike Mbuvi Sonko was elected by Nairobi residents on a platform of; Clean City, Youth and Women Empowerment, Better Infrastructure, Enterprise- protect small-scale traders, Better City organization/planning among others.

The first one hundred days have lapsed and no "tangible" change has been made by the Sonko-Igathe administration. The duo enjoys political goodwill from the country's presidency and thus no agenda pushed by them should hit a snag.

The County government needs to roll up their sleeves and work for the Nairobians. It's a misconception to they think they still have time since a five-year long-term is hardly enough. 

Here are some of the areas they need to look into;

Harassment by county council askaris

City dwellers who lack formal employment can only fend for themselves/their families through doing business within the city. County Council askaris have not loosened up their all day rat race and arrests of hawkers and other small-scale traders within the city. Once they reach City Hall- if they are not able to raise 'tea'- they get fined and this takes away their day's revenue/profits. His Excellency, these traders need the County government's protection or a framework on how to conduct their businesses within the capital. Don't give them answers... give them solutions.

Waste management

It's not in order that some parts of the city continue to experience heaps and mountains of waste that has been inappropriately disposed of. Sewer and drainage systems are stinking with clogged waste. This doesn't require science or legislation. It's just consistent collection and unblocking. A healthy environment leads to a wealthy capital. 

PSV in town

It's a great idea that the Governor has a plan to decongest the Central Business District through banning public service vehicles from getting into town. This will go a long way in organizing the city and it will also reduce noise pollution caused by the noisy matatus. However, city residents feel that the designated drop-offs are quite far from the CBD given that we have different destinations within the town. Sonko-Igathe administration should introduce county buses that should ferry masses to the CBD at a fair fare.... say twenty shillings. In my opinion, even the private vehicles ought to have been banned in order to 'free' the city. 

Street families, beggars and health cases

The number of street families and beggars have risen over time. Their presence in the capital isn't an impressive image. The former need rehabilitation, education, counseling, and love while the latter require financial support. Some of the beggars I pass by the street have had complicated medical conditions and need medical attention. The Governor is one of the philanthropic sons that this country has known, he can organize this pretty easily and wholeheartedly. 


Licensing remains one of the greatest contributors to the County's revenue kitty. Many traders will tell you that the licensing/rates are quite a burden on them. This increases the cost of doing business and reduces the profitability in return. Mbuvi's administration needs to listen to the businessmen and review some of the licenses rates in order to cushion traders from huge cost of doing business. 

Road repairs

Many roads under the County Government are in a sorry state. Either the monies to fix these roads have 'ended up in people's stomachs' or there has not been lobbying for the same. Nairobians need better road networks so that they can go about their daily errands with some bit of comfort. While the mess may not be the Governor's making, he ought to move swiftly and fix the roads or else he becomes part of the mess. 

Water shortage

Many parts of the city have had water shortage problem for quite a long time. It's not clear whether some people somewhere are making a kill out of the shortage. Every city resident has a right to access clean water at the lowest cost possible. Boreholes can be drilled in order to supplement the Nairobi Water Company's supply. This will go a long way in addressing water/health issue especially a time like this when we are faced with the cholera menace. 

Hawkers all over town

Mostly in the evenings, the Nairobi streets have literally become marketplaces- with many small-scale traders displaying their ware along the streets. It's rightful for the traders to sell their merchandise but it's not in order for them to be all over the CBD. This congests the town and portrays the capital in a bad light. The Governor should designate areas where small-scale traders can showcase their merchandise... this is where residents who want to purchase those items should pass by. 

If he sorts out the above issues, every Kenyan would want Sonko to be their president.

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