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9 reasons why you should not date a ‘sponsor’
By Brian Onyiego | Updated Nov 13, 2017 at 13:44 EAT
He will be more of a father figure
  • Dating older men has more cons than pros.
  • While they may have true affection for their younger counterparts, the many differences including age pose a hurdle.

In this day and era where older men are no longer satisfied with their housewives, they are giving young men a hard time by dating all the young ladies.

It is evident that the young ladies are less attracted to men who are at mid 20’s and 30’s but hook up with men who at the age of their fathers willingly.

Choices have consequences and before you think of dating an old man, consider the following cons; 

He will be like your father

Apart from giving him the ‘forbidden fruit’, he will often treat you much more like a daughter. He will not let you make decisions and all your actions will be judged from his angle.

No breaking rules

Older men are more principled, meaning you will have to adhere to all his rules. You will do what he says, when he says and where he says it and keep what you know about relationships to yourself.

If he is married, you're his option two

If you are dating an old married man, leaving his wife and kids is impossible. He will keep you as his mistress as his wife and children remain his first priority.

People will question your motivation

Though you have a real “thing” for him, your friends and family will not come to the terms that what you share is indeed true affection and not the love for money. Society will frown upon your choice and you might not like the judgments they pass.

He would not be able to keep up

If you are having an affair with an old man, physical compatibility could be an issue. You will be in the prime of your life, and he'll be rapidly approaching the end of his. While you are spending hours in the hospital because he has fallen ill, your friends will be sharing stories about their baby showers and their children's sports activities.

Emotional, physical and social differences

He will be less vigorous than your younger self. His emotional needs will differ from yours simply because he is in a different stage of life. Navigating between the various social circles, including family and friends, can be challenging.

His kids will not like you

Just in case he has grown up kids, they will despise and disrespect you and even more in public.

Sexual satisfaction

As men get older, impotence becomes more common. A man takes longer to get an erection as he ages. His erection may not be as firm or as large as it used to be.

He will disrespect you

Due to the age difference, he is likely to disapprove your opinions since he is much older and he perceives to have more experience than you.

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