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Tips on how to be a good kisser
By Dayan Masinde | Updated Oct 23, 2017 at 09:46 EAT
An intimate couple {ART BY Dayan Masinde}
  • Kissing should not be structured or planned, there should be no scheduled kissing time
  • You may have kissable lips but if you are the type to talk cold words, your partner will not only avoid kissing you but avoid you 

1. "Maintain dental hygiene"

Brush your teeth twice, thrice a day, use dental floss, chew gum, use mints, drink water; keep your breath fresh. Mouth odor repels kisses.

2. "Smile more"

Angry, bitter, sad faces distract attention from your lips; a smile makes the focus be on your lips. Draw attention to your mouth and your partner will kiss you more.

3. "Be at a kissable distance"

Maybe you're not being kissed a lot because your face is often far making it a tall order to kiss you. Present your face in front of your partner's face more when you are picking something, arranging the table, cooking, cuddling, explaining something, sleeping or dancing and your partner won't help but kiss you.

4. "Say no to weaves that stink"

If you are a woman who wears weaves don't stay too long with one. Avoid having a weave with a foul smell. A stink will keep the man away from your beautiful face.

5. "Avoid uncomfortable facial hair"

Men, keep your facial hair neat and minimal, lest your facial hair pokes inside your partner's nose or bruises her soft skin. Hair finding itself on her lips or inside her mouth because of your bush is a no no.

6. "Keep lips moist"

Prevent your lips from drying or cracking. Apply lip gloss, lip balm or lip stick; lick them if you must, moist lips look kissable.

7. "Say the right words"

You may have kissable lips but if you are the type to talk hurtful and cold words, your partner will not only avoid kissing you but avoid you altogether. Nothing as good as kissing lips that say the right words.

8. "Avoid irritating perfumes"

Wear perfumes and colognes on your neck, arms and clothes but make sure the scent is not too strong or that which your partner is allergic to. You want your partner kissing you, not sneezing, coughing, tearing up or chocking.

9. "Be gentle"

Go easy, apply the right amount of force even when kissing with passion. It's a kiss, not war. Watch out you don't painfully bite and hurt.

10. 'Kiss then be kissed"

A sweet kiss should be mutual. Lead the kiss; the pace of the kiss, the tongue play and upper lip to lower lip focus; then relax and let your partner lead. When both of you lead your lips might conflict.

11. "Control your breathing"

Don't be like a frantic baboon hysterically breathing on your partner's face. Keep calm. Yes it is exciting to kiss but don't mess it with your hasty breathing.

12. "Be creative with the tongue"

The tongue is a powerful sensual organ, introduce it at the right time. Call out your partner's tongue to come play. Tongues curling on each other, poking each other, licking. Just make sure the tongue kissing is not messy.

13. "Don't suffocate your partner"

Don't press too deep on your partner's face. Give your partner space to breathe.

14. "Be spontaneous"

Kissing should not be structured or planned, there should be no scheduled kissing time. Don't be too rigid, bring down your walls. Kiss in the middle of a serious conversation, kiss when bored, and kiss for no reason at all.

15."Experiment with techniques"

Spice up the kissing, sometimes be passionate and fast, at times soft and slow. Do something new with the tongue, bite the lower lip, pull the upper lip; experiment.

16. "Do something with your hands"

Kissing is not just about the lips, it's what you do also with your fingers. Don't let your hands hang idle, squeeze your partner, stroke the skin, caress, trace the spine, grab the waist, hold the neck, lift your partner up on the back side.

17. "Have a rhythm"

Flow, kissing is like a dance, a tango of lips and tongues. Pay attention to your partner's rhythm and groove.

18. "Close your eyes"

Closing your eyes shows surrender, it should be a natural thing while kissing. A partner looking straight at you when you two are eyeball to eyeball is rather weird.

19. "Don't over think"

When you are being kissed, enjoy it. Don't start thinking about work, issues, responsibilities, finances, or the baby. Don't start joking or talking as if the kiss is some petty thing that will make your lover kiss you less. Kissing should be a get-a-way for you and your partner where you lock out every care in mind.

20. "Compliment your partner"

The more you tell your partner how he/ she kisses you so well the more your partner will look forward to kissing you.

© Dayan Masinde



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