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How to know if a girl is 'wife material' in 10 seconds or less
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Oct 17, 2017 at 12:30 EAT
'Wife material' girls don't judge too quickly

Like men, ladies are different in terms of behaviour, likes and speech

To find a wife, you must first know how a proper wife behaves in different environments

Years have passed really fast and your family is breathing down your neck, asking you when you’re bringing a wife home.

Your boys too are beginning to settle one by one, evidenced by the many wedding invitation cards you have on your bedside table.

Finding a girl to bring home is not a problem, you console yourself as you scroll through your phone-book. The names of the girls you go out with at times are giving you confidence that you won’t end up lonely.

There is a problem though, who among these girls is worth taking home? How do you tell which one is fit to be a wife, to be by your side for eternity?

A lady who is ‘wife material’ will often have these qualities:

She is your best friend

Apart from hanging out and going out for drinks, this girl listens to you and bails you out when you are down. She will go out of her way to help you when you are in need. She gives you advice when you are stuck and doesn’t hesitate to point out things you should do or shouldn’t in order to grow.

She doesn’t judge your past

You have told her of your past, she knows the girls you dated before and why you dated or broke up with them. She doesn’t make a fuss about your body count. She knows about your drug addiction during your teenage years but she doesn't call you a junkie. Instead, she uses it to make jokes that the both of you can laugh about.

She is wise and smart

You have asked for her opinion in different matters and she always seems to get things right. Her conversations are intelligent and you want to listen to her a lot. She knows when to say things and when to just keep quiet.

She is your escape plan

Whenever things are tough out there, you always want to talk to her, to see her and hang out with her. She is your safe haven when the rest of the world is rough. Spending time with her leaves you refreshed and ready to retake on the world.

She is beautiful, not hot

You have seen her in her worst and you still find her attractive. You look beyond her clothes; you will spend lots of time with her and still be drawn to her. Whether she puts on her make-up on or not, you are willing to go out with her.

She fits in

Most of the girls you hang out with have some negative things to say about your friends and family. This girl, on the other hand, fits right in. She is okay with your family, she understands that when your boys are around things get loud. She doesn’t fear to point out their flaws if any but understands no one is perfect.

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