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Men, you are as good as dead if you talk to a woman about these four things
By Sandra Dorcas | Updated Sep 19, 2017 at 08:14 EAT
Never talk about bad her body has become

Most of the time, while approaching a woman for the first time, men don't know what to say or often say the wrong things

The first thing you say when you see a woman determines how she will interact with you

I’m all smiles, just thinking of how interesting this topic is.

Probably because am going to rub some shoulders the wrong way but hey, I just have to talk about this. For the better days of my life I've always known that men are visual beings but I just never imagined that our hair choices were something they took note of.

I had to ask a few male friends about what they noticed first when they met a lady and the answers were quite different; shoes, makeup, dressing and hair made the top of their lists.

You know how men always keep away from women's catfights and just prefer to watch from the sidelines? Perhaps they should act like that when it comes to other sensitive matters that affect women.

It's hilarious how men always complain about women being too hard to understand. What do you want to understand? Even memes don't help you with that. Just little compliments here and there and we are kinda headed the right direction.

So, ladies when he tells you how good you look, you better appreciate him .However, there’s is also a group of men that just won't comment at all about anything and this is just sad. Men, we understand you guys are 'visual' beings but here are some sensitive topics you should stay away from totally when talking to a woman.

Body Image

How thin she's gotten, her gaining weight in all the right places; what does that even mean? Unless it's a compliment just keep quiet.

Bad Hair

Unless you are lucky enough to nail every hairstyle, some of us make epic hair mistakes once in a while and we know when we do so no need reminding us. Thank you.


Like I said, if it's not a compliment just don't let it come out. There is nothing that lowers a woman's confidence like a comment about her poor dressing. So guys if it's a 'no offense' statement, no offense but I don't like the words that are about to leave that mouth.


I wouldn't really know much about make-up but from what I've gathered, men can tell if it’s too much or just a total failure. However, if you know you are not a makeup artist or you cannot offer any expertise on the so called 'bad' makeup, keep walking. Even if ladies came with a manual, you still wouldn't understand us but at least now you have a little insight on what not to say to a woman ever.

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