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WONDERS NEVER CEASE: Sow gives birth to piglet that looks like a Chimpanzee – with just one eye!
By Ureport | Updated Aug 22, 2017 at 09:35 EAT
Brown piglet remebles Chimpanzee

Piglet shocks residents as it has one eye in the middle of its head, eyes and ears resemble those of a Chimpanzee

Investigations are already underway to ascertain what the creature really is and how it came to be

The creature owner has to hold it up by its front legs so it stands on its back legs

Call it abnormal, special or just odd, a Sow has just given birth to a Piglet whose ears and face resemble that of a Chimpanzee.

What confused the farmer was that it’s nine siblings were born normal prompting him to immediately call the vet.

This strange phenomenon had never been seen before therefore there was a mixture of bewilderment and fascination at the site.

The creature has to be held up by the owners so as to suckle on its mother.

The strange piglet, brown in colour, has ears and a face resembling that of a Chimpanzee and residents have been left terrified by its appearance.

Villagers gathered to see the creature as a vet took blood samples in order to determine what could have caused its chimp-like development.

Pictures and videos of the Pig-Chimp are already doing rounds online. They show the owner of the piglet up by its front legs as it stands on its back legs – heightening its Chimpanzee-like look.

It is believed that this abnormal occurrence was caused by a genetic mutation however, investigations still continue in order to ascertain what the creature really is and how it came to be.

The bizarre-looking creature was born in Western Cuba’s Pinar Del Rion province, San Juan y Martinez area.

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