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Kenyans react as IEBC portal keeps tallying results even after declaring Uhuru as president elect
By Jay S | Updated Aug 15, 2017 at 10:22 EAT
President Uhuru Kenyatta with William Ruto at Boma
  • Kenyans noted changes on thew IEBC public portal results even after the presidential election results had been declared officially.
  • IEBC had clarified that the results on the portal were not official and insisted they would only announce the winner using verified results as required by the law.

In the last two days, observant Kenyans expressed shock and wondered why the elections body had results for presidential candidates still updating with numbers growing even after the winner had been declared President elect alongside his deputy.

IEBC had displayed results for the Tuesday 8 August polls on a public portal but after the opposition coalition NASA presidential candidate’s agents raised concerns on the credibility of the results, through its chairman, the commission said the portal results were not official as they had not been verified using forms 34As and 34Bs from polling stations and constituency tallying centers.

The opposition claimed that the portal had been hacked and demanded that the public display of the results they termed as a fraud be halted as they had not been told where the figures had originated from.

When Kenyans noted the continued adjustment of the poll’s results, a number felt that this was prove that the figures had been set to keep fluctuating on the basis of a formula they claimed had been fixed in the system.

IEBC has moved quickly to clear the air on the speculations saying there were faulty gadgets that had challenges in transmission and that there were no new results projected on the portal.

The commission said the changes were as a result of results from the last 41 polling stations whose gadgets had challenges.

The last 41 polling station results trickling in are from gadgets with challenges. They are not new result. We had all in signed hard copies pic.twitter.com/E9KJbU5Rvr— IEBC (@IEBCKenya) August 14, 2017

The commission shall also conduct a fresh voter registration exercise before the next general elections as the current register is only for this elections as required by law.

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