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THE PARTY IS OVER: Governor's tenth life as his rivals suffer legal and political misfortunes
By GPvine | Updated Aug 04, 2017 at 12:11 EAT
Governor's rivals face political misfortunes
  • Party nominations left scars in the hearts of many as some candidates did not make it to the ballot to vie under their party’s name.
  • Court cases increased as many aspirants felt that the nominations were flawed, most choosing to vie as independents.

These candidates later decided to vie as independent candidates, hoping to gather any undecided votes left before everyone had fully decided who to vote for. Many cases were taken to court – disputes as to whether some candidates were eligible to vie for political seats in the country.

Some were cleared, other disqualified while the disputes took too long in court corridors.

After the court invalidated one of candidate vying for a governor's seat in Mt Kenya, his supporters and close allies were entertaining some hopes that since his name was still on the ballot, they would have an opportunity to vote for him and in the event he won, they would deal with the consequences.

This hope has been dashed by the announcement by the electoral body that the ballots will be reprinted.

And now the supporters are downcast and can not believe that the courts have subverted their dreams yet again.

You see, one of the candidates has been rescued on a number of occasions by courts and his rivals thought that coming August 8, they had a cornered him but they are now dismayed as he waltzes his way out of political oblivion.

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