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REVEALED: How police moved to act on death threats on IEBC ICT manager
By Joseph Sosi | Updated Aug 01, 2017 at 12:11 EAT
Former IEBC ICT Manager Chris Msando
  • Chris Msando, IEBC ICT manager found dead in Kikuyu and taken to City Mortuary.
  • Charles Owini, police spokesperson admits that Mr Msando told him that his life was in danger.

Police spokesperson Charles Owino has called on the public to give investigative agencies an opportunity to do their job urging anyone with information not to rush to release it to the public. 

He said it is important that any leads were given to the authorities so as not to compromise investigations as revealing crucial information would help killers devise ways of evading possible nabbing. 

"It is very difficult to prevent murder, we can only establish who committed it," said Mr Owino. 

Mr Owino during an interview on KTN News dismissed claims that the hands of the murdered IEBC manager for ICT had been cut.

He said the arms were intact with the body but there were signs of strangle and head injuries which the pathologists will deal with.

According to Mr Owino the circumstances in which Mr Msando died definitely pointed to the fact that he had been killed by someone. 

Yesterday (31st July 2017) when the country came to the sad reality of his death, there were claims that the police had failed to dust Mr Msando's vehicle for forensic checks before removing it from the area it had been abandoned. 

The police have since clarified that they can not remove a car from a crime scene without necessary forensic procedures. 

Mr Owino said the forensics department has experts who took pictures and dusted the slain IEBC ICT manager's vehicle before it was towed away from the scene. 

Many questions emerged as to why it had taken close to two days before identifying Mr Msando's body even after the family had reported his disappearance to Embakasi police. 

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"The police find many bodies and by Saturday the family had not reported but the officers as usual took fingerprints of the bodies they found and forwarded them for forensic identifications," said Mr Owino. 

Mr Msando's family had reported fears over his whereabouts on Sunday and Mr Owino said by that time the forensic identification results for the bodies had not been obtained. 

The police spokesman admitted that Mr Msando had reported to him that his life was in danger and that they were close friends given they ail from the same village.

"He reported to me and I referred him to Central Police station where he was directed to the criminal investigations directorate but he ended up being very busy such that he could not avail the details required," said Mr Owino. 

He revealed that criminal investigation officers contacted Mr Msando seeking telephone numbers but could not reach him on two occasions and he moved to ask why he was not issuing the information. 

When Mr Owino contacted him over the threats, he seemed busy and told him the threats had toned down as if all was well. 

Mr Msando's body was found on Saturday in a thicket in Kikuyu area, Kiambu County before being moved to City Mortuary but after identification and viewing by family members and the electoral body officials, the body was taken to Lee funeral home. 

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