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Maseno University leads according to survey based on science courses offered
By Joseph Sosi | Updated Jul 24, 2017 at 11:21 EAT
Maseno University

A survey on science training offered by Kenyan universities released on Wednesday 10, May 2017 at Intercontinental Hotel has put Maseno University ahead of its 'parent' as the University of Nairobi leads with 14 per cent of science courses offered in the country.

Maseno once a constituent college of Moi University is ranked fifth with 113 science courses, since becoming autonomous it has risen above Moi that is in the sixth position offering 107.

According to the survey conducted by CPS International, the institution also leads public universities in the number of diploma and certificate courses it offers.

Mount Kenya University ranked 10th emerged top among private universities offering science courses but has more arts and social sciences than Jomo Kenyatta which is ranked second after UoN with 242 courses.

The reports cites a high risk of over duplication of science courses across universities as private universities appear to be giving more focus on arts training.

In the three months study, UoN was found to be offering the most arts subjects among both public and private universities with its 89 courses comprising of 9.8 per cent.

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Ranked second in arts is Kenyatta University with a one art subject difference from the top institution as Moi University took third place offering 75 courses in arts.

The survey found it intriguing that government capitation and research grants to private universities stands at 0.0 percent and 3 percent respectively yet they offer 13 percent of the total science courses and 34.4 percent of arts.

45 per cent of public universities' income is through government capitation and they also receive a 5 percent grant for research.

The survey findings show that it is 2 to 5 times harder to find a private university offering practical science courses such as engineering, computing or nursing.

Despite the large number of public universities in the country, the top five public ones offer a whole 46.1 percent of sciences.

University of Eldoret ranked seventh has a good record with only 5 art subjects against its 99 science subjects similar to Technical University of Kenya that offers 67 science courses and only three in arts.

Top 15 Universities offering science courses. 

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