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President Kenyatta reveals how he met first lady on his Facebook live chat
By Fay Ngina | Updated Jul 23, 2017 at 12:11 EAT
President Kenyatta and first lady

President Kenyatta's Facebook live chat is probably the most hitted conversation going on at the moment. With thousands of questions being asked, I am really impressed at how our president is replying to the questions.

Going through the questions, president Kenyatta was asked how he met the first lady and this was his response;

"This is an interesting one. How did I meet the first lady? When I met the first lady, she wasn't the first lady. She was just another.... wonderful, beautiful girl. Ahhhh... let me say that I first met her brother and we were in secondary school together. We became friends and through him, I managed to meet his younger sister and we started off a relationship that has lasted from high school till now and I'm thankful to God for that....."

Well, there you have it, be grateful for the one you have now. You never know what the future might bring. 

Thank you Mr President 

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