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Harvest season for witchdoctors as Kenyan politicians go ‘all or nothing’ - all the tricks
By AR | Updated Jul 19, 2017 at 12:59 EAT
Some of the artefacts used by witcdoctors

Harvest season for witchdoctors as Kenyan politicians go ‘all or nothing’

With only 20 days left to the much-awaited General Election, Kenyan politicians can now finalise their preparations on campaign routes and strategies, in a final push to convince more voters, if any, to cast votes in their favour.

For some, however, ‘meeting and greeting’ seems to be the second option since a more secretive and assuring method of garnering votes has been realised.

According to reports that started doing rounds on Kenyan devices this year, the biggest contracts (well-paying) in this political period are those given to witch doctors who according to their clients, possess special powers capable of swaying a humongous amount of votes in the client’s favour.

In these final moments, one would rather let a chicken sit on hisher head and get them a million votes instead of travelling miles to a county – of which assurance of votes is a gamble.

Earlier in the year, it had been rumoured that Tanzanian witch doctors had come to Kenya with the aim of fulfilling politician’s wishes – specifically winning them elections.

According to local media, several well-known witch doctors were interviewed and one noticeable trait was that most of them boasted about how their list of clients was filled with popular figures, many of which are politicians. One woman witch doctor in Kisii happily confirmed this, saying politicians usually go to her in search of ‘fame and power’.

One would question whether fame and power is really what wins elections for a candidate, or is it the sheer determination of the candidate in convincing crowds to trust him.

You might think that Nigerian movies exaggerate on witchcraft, but this might just be the case once you visit one.

Some of the things one is required to do once they visit a witchdoctor include:

1. - Drink your own urine, or someone else’s (possibly the person you want to defeat)

2. - Bring the impossible – Some witch doctors ask for things that would take you a life time to find. “Niletee mayai ya jogoo mkubwa…”, “ Hapa nitahitaji jasho ya Punda…” to mention a few. This would prompt you to pay a lot of money for these items to be ‘purchased’ because as a person, you can never access them.

3. - If the witch doctor wants a lot from you – same for you wanting a lot of things or something big, then you must sacrifice something that you love.

It was reported that some ODM politicians from one of the movement’s strongholds had been exposed to these activities, the main intention being using these ‘divine’ tactics to emerge victorious come August 8th.

It is indeed harvest season for witch doctors – more tricks, more artefacts, more magic.

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