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SKIN CARE: Treat your face the same way you treat your children
By Sonnie Touch | Updated Jul 13, 2017 at 14:25 EAT
Be very consistent with your skincare routine

Your face is one of the most important sections of your body. It therefore needs to be given the same attention is terms of skin care. This needs commitment especially if you use make up. Cleaning your face takes time when you had make-up on than when you didn’t.

This is what you need to do to your face when you wake up:

Cleanse, Tone, Apply serum, moisturiser, eye cream and a sunscreen

In the evening, Cleanse, Tone, Apply serum, eye cream and a night moisturiser.

Be very consistent with your skincare routine. Don’t retire for the night without it because your skin is very active during sleep - it repairs itself and produces new cells at a faster rate than when we are awake. Commit yourself and you will always be happy with your skin.

Don’t try to remove all the oil from your face especially with the cold weather by using too hot water on your face or body. Remember the oil is there to protect your skin. Stripping it all away can damage your skin and even cause signs of premature aging especially if you have a dry skin. Majority of people who develop wrinkles and fine lines have dry skin.

Make a date with a skincare dermatologist and get to know your skin type and the correct products which will match your skin tone.


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