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PESA ZIKO WAPI!!! Flamboyant politician resorts to begging bowl as race hots up
By GP | Updated Jul 12, 2017 at 11:43 EAT
The politician now has no money to organise rallie

What happened to the millions?

This is the question many Nairobians are asking a city politician known for his lavish lifestyle failed to impress.

We have been informed the politician is in deep trouble. Last week the flashy politician went to a prominent address in Karen on begging mission to revamp his campaign.

He was sent away empty handed by his sponsors who had financed his nominations with a tongue lashing for having duped his party that he had sufficient funds.

Now our friend has been grounded as he has no money to organise even a single rally. He has now put his party in a fix because it is stuck with him and he has no financial muscle to deliver the crucial seat.

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