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Busia residents kick aspirant out of rally over sweets
By Nelson Mandela | Updated Jun 29, 2017 at 12:16 EAT
Teanager eats lollipop

As elections day slated for August 8th this year is closing in, aspirants are scheming for the best strategy to reach out for voters.

An aspirant for Member of County Assembly seat in Busia County left his supporters in shock after it emerged that he had no money to dish out but sweets.

It is alleged that the aspirant had called for a meeting to sell his policies and manifesto to the electorate.

Sources privy to this information further reveal that the aspirant after noticing that he was not loaded enough, he resorted to giving out sweets.

This was harshly welcomed by voters who heckled him and became chaotic forcing him to run for safety.

“He has gone too low, this is a disgrace” one voter was heard saying.

They vowed to ensure that the aspirant losses come August 8th unless he started dishing out cash.

“If he has no money, why is he in the race?” another supporter asked.

The aspirant is now leading a low profile pondering the next move.


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