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Students unruly behaviour indictment of parenting
By Maurine Okasi | Updated Jun 19, 2017 at 10:13 EAT
Pupils of st. Ann jogoo road demonstrate along jog

The recent report revealing that students have become unruly due to the habits they pick from senior members of the society is a major indictment of parenting.

The report, which looked into school unrest last year, fingered politicians, parents, doctors and university lectures as setting a bad example to young people. We have always taken to the streets to demand our rights, be it pay rise, better living conditions or good roads, and this is the same path school children are taking.

Politicians are either insulting each other or are stealing public funds. In other cases, parents have led their children in demonstrations in the streets as was recently witnessed when over 1,000 primary school pupils blocked Jogoo Road for hours after one of their own was hit and injured by a bus.

The same thing happened when Lang’ata Road Primary School pupils and their parents took to the streets to protest against alleged land grabbing. Many of them were teargassed and had to be hospitalised. We must change the way we approach issues.

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