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Television series and film actor Gerald Langiri on his college experience
By Esther Muchene | Updated Jun 15, 2017 at 08:19 EAT
Gerald Langiri is a Kenyan actor

Gerald Langiri is a Kenyan actor, producer and casting director. He has appeared in several films and television series. He is notable for his role in the 2013 comedy, ‘House of Lungula’ and current web series title ‘#shithappens’.

Growing up I wanted to be...All the cliché professions our generation was convinced they had to become to be respected. I aspired to be a pilot, doctor, lawyer in this exact order. How young are we talking about though? Because when in my late years of primary school and into high school two things fascinated me, computers and acting.

If my parents could have their way...I really do not know. I am lucky to have a parent who never really my forced my hand to pursue something I didn’t want to. My mum knew I loved acting from way back so I guess she wasn’t surprised when I got into it. ​Which college/university did you attend?University of Huddersfield and pursued a BSc in Computing and Internet Systems.

Classes I skipped...I can’t remember but I am sure I skipped one or two and had a good reason why. Despite my mischief I took my studies very seriously. That second upper class with honours that I eventually got was worked hard for.

The worst lecturer was...I don’t think there was a lecturer I didn’t like.

Toughest unit...Programming. It was all Greek to me.

Passing exams meant...I opened a book and read it. Why, is there usually another way I didn’t know of?

Your best campus experience was?Meeting different people from all walks of life has to be right there at the top. Let’s not forget the weekends in campus were crazy. I honestly think campus years is the time to try out all the illegal things you have to before graduating into a good law abiding citizen.

Dating experience...When I was single, I was really single. When I was taken, I was taken. That is how I can sum up my dating experience.

What did you hate about campus?The impromptu exams.

If you could go back to college what would you do differently?Studied harder and make more lasting relationships. I can’t seem to know where most of my campus mates are and what they are doing. I really hope they are all okay.

To make some extra cash during campus meant...I was a part time DJ. 


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