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NASA principles treating Kenyans to a soap opera-like political show
By Brian Rop | Updated Apr 21, 2017 at 12:52 EAT
First of all, has anybody questioned Wetang’ula’s credentials as a principal? I mean when there’s the Sultan himself in the name of Joho? That aside, let’s get to the show these principals have been treating us (supporters) much to the glee of our opponents. ​The principals' endless retreats to negotiate who among them is suitable has become a sort of an opera, where the story weaves through endlessly, even when you are cocksure that so and so will get married at the end of the day. Raila will be the presidential flag bearer, that’s what everybody thinks. Why these endless retreats that are so barren?Enter the fifth principal in the name of Isaac Rutto, who himself has a battle of his own-going against the unwritten kingpin rules. Jubilee Party’s top brigade will, according to political pundits, pour resources to tame Governor Rutto’s rebellion and possibly beat him into political oblivion. But then it won’t be easy as they might think since he has joined hands with NASA.NASA should save us the ‘suspense’ and name a flag bearer. Needless uncertainties over who will deliver the killer blow to the incumbents should stop forthwith. We’ve waited too long, our patience has been worn thin. Our confidence in this team is receding slowly, fading like light at twilight. It had so much promise at its formation, not it doesn’t. Politics is a not something out of a love story, you either make enemies or enemies make you their friend. After all, there are no permanent enemies in politics, just as friends. The only permanent thing in politics is interests.Facebook Kipchirchir Rop Twitter @TheRopBrian

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