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Why many Kenyans are likely to be jailed as from 21st of March 2017
By Paul Barasa | Updated Mar 13, 2017 at 11:02 EAT
Kenyans should brace for tough times ahead because of the new rules of engagement given to police officers. ​According to a report by an anti-graft watch dog, the Kenyan police force has been profiled as the most corrupt institution. A vice that has forced the National Police Service led by Johnstone Khavuludi to give a clear guideline on what the police are supposed to do in order to restore public confidence in the police force.The National Police Service commission has gazetted the code of conduct to police offices which is likely to have a great impact both on the police and civilians.First of all the police have been given conditions on receiving gifts. According to the code of conduct, the gift must be within the usual expression of courtesy and it should not exceed the amount set by the law.The most stressed part is that the gift should not be in monetary form. This means that there is no way whether on the wrong or not you are going to offer any police officer any money.This will seal all the loopholes that have seen a number of people escape facing the full force of the law. It is now clear that when you commit any wrong you will not mollify any police officer's heart with a bribe to secure your freedom.On the other hand, police officers have been prohibited from running other side business that will jeopardise their efficiency at work.This means that they will be fully committed to their job and hence apprehend a good number of people who are going against the law.Finally, the police have been barred from having inappropriate relationships which to some extend diverted their attention from enforcing the law.Although at some point these relationships have led to some of them committing heinous acts. Will the new code of conduct reduce corruption cases in our police force?The deadline of all police officers signing this code of conduct is 21st of March 2017.

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