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How wooing voters from the so-called strongholds will be a determinant of the winning team
By Paul Barasa | Updated Mar 12, 2017 at 15:03 EAT
 A recent research poll research by Infortrack,shows that 28 per cent of Kenyans are yet to decide which party to vote for in the forthcoming General election.
According to the research, Jubilee has 39.6 per cent support while NASA has 32.3 support.Going by the regions, in Rift Valley jubilee has a 50.6 support while NASA has 18.8 support with 30.6 per cent of the resident yet to decide which political party to support.In Central Kenya, Jubilee enjoys the highest support at 71.4 per cent while NASA has a meager support of 4.3 per cent. This region has 24.4 per cent of the residents who have not decided on which party to vote for.Western Kenya has shown a high support for NASA at 45 per cent while those who are undecided are at 40.4 per cent.Jubilee is only assured of 14.6 per cent support.The Eastern region has a high support for Jubilee with 40.2 per cent.NASA is likely to get a 32.2 per cent support, leaving the two parties to battle it out for the 26.6 per cent of the residents who are still undecided.When we look at Nyanza, it has an overwhelming support for NASA at 69.3 per cent support. Jubilee has a support of 16.1 in the region. The number of those who have not decided stands at 14.6 per cent.In Nairobi Jubilee’s support is high with 38 per cent while NASA is slightly below with 32.1 support.On the other hand, 29 per cent of the resident in the capital city have not decided which party to vote for.Last but not list in North Eastern NASA enjoys a support of 44.4 per cent while Jubilee has a support of 25.2 per cent, a percentage that is slightly close to those who are undecided (25 per cent).Additionally, the poll research showed Mudavadi as the opposition flagbearer who has the highest support from Jubilee supporters.Meanwhile, the research has revealed that candidates from Jubilee and NASA have an opportunity to sell their agenda to get the support of more people that will make them win in the August polls.

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