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Student doctor does the unbelievable as the doctors' strike suspends her learning
By Joseph Sosi | Updated Feb 20, 2017 at 07:48 EAT
Ruguru Kimani has occupied herself with parenting matters despite being 22 years old and without a child.
She thought of becoming a doctor after her primary education in the year 2008 and gave a spirited focus on her dream throughout her time at Maryhill Girls high school where she cleared in 2012 and emerged among top girls in the country.Being a fourth-year student at Maseno University's school of Medicine, her studies has been paralyzed by the doctors' strike.The strike has given her more time to do what she does best alongside class work.All her classes had been suspended due to the impossibility of having their clinical classes as a result of the doctors' move to down their tools.She gained interest in the medical field when she realized how much doctors played a role in saving lives and now she gets time to not only learn saving lives, but also changes lives through writing a blog, exciting parenting.Being the first born in a family of six, Ruguru developed a special interest in parenting as her experience in seeing and helping her parents raise her siblings was all her writing could start to go by.She also credits her pediatrics classes on child psychology for intricate insights guiding her writing for parents from a child's perspective.She expects a detailed learning experience in her fifth and final year and probably specialize in pediatrics.Ruguru spends most of her free time when at home or in school on her blog excitingparenting.com where she shares what started as consistent posts on the topic across her social media platforms with most of her readers demanding for continuity.She says those who developed an interest in her work could let her send it as attachments via mail and later she realized it was a tiring exercise.She did this a couple of times and it turned out to be overwhelming as occasionally more than 100 people could expect her mails.It is at this point that she realized a blog would ease her work and grow her audience significantly as readers could easily access her content at their own convenience.Her social network has since helped grow traffic to her blog as most of her friends read and share her blog's content and has given her an entrepreneurial view of her venture.Ruguru envisages having a global parenting magazine that will have readers from all over the world and an online one stopover for her readers where they can access more than information, purchases, and entertainment.Giving more of her focus on child growth and development, behavior and character, child relationship with nannies and other domestic workers, Ruguru believes, the more children in a home, the merrier it gets when good care is given.She intends to have a family with four kids in her life after school and has consideration for child entertainment, and feels parents should spend some time and money on their children's outings at different fun worlds and malls in their cities and local tours.

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