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Miguna Miguna embraces NASA marriage
By Joseph Sosi | Updated Jan 12, 2017 at 07:32 EAT
Nairobi gubernatorial seat aspirant Miguna Miguna has expressed trust in the opposition unity pact dabbed NASA. ​Mr. Miguna on Wednesday said NASA will defeat Jubilee Party in the next general election if they held together as a team. "The uniting of opposition parties is a great deal and I believe they will defeat Jubilee if they hold together, " said Miguna. He added that ODM party leader had displayed developmental politics and together with Mudavadi stand a better chance. He said the media had failed the country by concentrating on political individuals and not issues emerging as genuine concerns that should be handled by the political class. He has called on those seeking to support either side to weigh in on what each would seek to deliver. The aspiring Governor who has faced escalating criticism over remarks he had made last year targeting his competitor Esther Passaris said he will not apologize for the comments that had been termed as sexist and attacking Ms. Passaris.

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