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Why most campus comrades are saying no to condoms
By Gibbs Alexx | Updated Sep 03, 2016 at 16:46 EAT

“You know what, we only live once, I don’t care, but I am not doing condoms anymore” says Joann a student studying at Moi University. Like many others, Joann represents the ever increasing Kenyan comrades who are saying no to condoms. Why? Well, because condoms are the least sexy thing to have ever been invented. ShazBee at the UoN perfectly agrees. “It’s risky going dry, but men, skin to skin is comparable to nothing in this world, it’s real heaven especially when he’s hitting that spot. Once in a while I really just say, come what may, I want him to do me dry today” she said. Raw-dogging as it’s known to them has become one of the coolest trends at most Kenyan campuses.

The dudes and ladies alike secretly desire it, soon, they know condoms are becoming the fakest thing to have on their long Johnnies, it’s better to die in the battle and die proud. Alex, a second year student at the University of Nairobi, says he and his girlfriend only used condoms the first two weeks of their sexual relationship. They stopped because they felt they trusted each other not to sleep with other people. “For me, having sex without a condom is a sign of trust that you have built between you and your lover” he said. “It is the only way you can prove that you can be trusted and that you trust too. I want to assume I am the only one she is seeing” he added. Cheruiyot 22, says her main concern at the Moi University is not sexually transmitted infections, but ensuring that she does not fall pregnant. “We are lucky because there are emergency pills that can prevent pregnancy” she said. Even if my boyfriend wants us to have sex without a condom, I am not bothered because I can run to the chemist and just pick some for myself. I need somebody to hold my hand when we are on campus and I also need another ‘loaded’ [wealthy] one to provide for my material needs” said Cheruiyot, adding that she does not insist on condom use with either partner in order to ward off the suspicion that she is two-timing them. Aware of the health risks she has been running, Cheruiyot says she is too afraid to take an HIV test.

So now that the comrades are saying no to condoms, what are they exactly doing? My survey shows that there are many crazes they’ve come up with. And these include;

1. Perfecting the Pull-Out game; this has been used to play the same role condoms play in preventing pregnancies. “My pull-out game is at 9/10, it feels perfect when you just pull it out right on time and splash it all-over her face,” says Ken a KU Comrade. On top of the pull-out game, more Kenyan campus students are doing pills, whether morning after sex-pills or other pills to prevent pregnancy.

2. Students are stalking up PEP doses; they have their friends at Medical school who help them get some PEP doses just in case things go wrong. Post Exposure Prophylaxis is the trend at Kenyan campuses. It’s easy to get PEP, they can just go to a clinic and claim they were raped thus need PEP to save the situation.

3. HIV home test kits; through my own experience, I learned that Kenyan campus students have invested in HIV test kits so they are carrying out HIV tests right inside their hostel rooms with potential sex partners. “Yes, I always test him before I let him to raw-dog me, once we’ve all tested negative, we all engage in the best of sex without worries of infecting each other.” MMUST comrade, Judie says.

4. Circumcision; almost every male comrade is getting circumcised. Life has become hard for those male students who’ve insisted on having their foreskins. Girls are denying them sex. Since circumcision reduces the risk of HIV infection, girls are giving priority to those guys without the foreskin.

5. Taking the risk other comrades are not even caring about all the above. They just take the risk regardless. Apparently, some of them have scheduled a day during the month when they reward themselves with live sex. More and more comrades are saying to hell with condoms. The girls are utilizing their safe days and are having sex within that period where a pregnancy is impossible. Instead of wasting time with one partner struggling to roll on the condom, comrades have decided to save the environment by saying no to plastics and rubber. At this rate, the HIV vaccine better be invented as soon as possible.

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