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Can I get a husband in campo?
By Christine Opanda | Updated Sep 01, 2016 at 08:43 EAT

A relationship is a connection or association, the condition of being related, a romantic or social sexual involvement. In regards to campus relationships, it can be both boy to boy and girl to girl, but boy to girl relationship is more dominant.

The argument that campus relationships are not true relationships can be argued from different perspectives. Most boy to boy and girl to girl relationships tend to be true. These are the kinds of relationships that prosper even beyond campus. This is because they understand each other and mostly run for the same goals in life. When in campus, they help each other, party around together and spend time together thus becomes a lifetime habit.

When it comes to boy-girl relationships, things differ. It is true that some campus relationships are true relationships, but the probability that they are going to prosper to marriage is very minimal; with a few examples from Obama and his wife Michelle, and Wahu and Nameless whose relationships begun from campus.

Whether a relationship is successful or not depends with those involved, if they are the committed type and they know what they are looking for and where they are destined to, then definitely the relationship will be a true one, and prosper. If otherwise the relationship is doomed to die.

So, are campus relationships true relationships? To be frank, they are not true. They are just short term relationships that keep comrades from being bored. Campus men and ladies can attest to this. In campus is where team Mafisi has dominated. These are the guys who are just interested in a lady sexually. They leave and disappear after getting what they want, to go and pray for other ladies.

For ladies who fantasize about true love in campus, here is a shocking revelation, it does not exist. The probability that it may exist is very minimal to the extent of being ignored. For those who might have found it, then lucky you, cling unto that and don’t let go.

The fact that relationships in campus are not true has changed ladies and men to players. Even for those who might want to try and make theirs a true one end up messing because of luck of trust in each other, and the idea that there is “umafisi” and playing around.

This situation does not mean that relationships in campus cannot prosper. It depends with you. Students in campus should be contented with one partner, and everyone else will be happy.

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