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The best lessons in life can only be realize through several failed missions
By moses owino | Updated Aug 15, 2016 at 01:17 EAT

Just like many businesses have strategic plans for long-term and short term objectives, it’s crucial to have one at a personal level. Today youths are facing a big challenge in coping up with the dynamics of life simply because most of us were brought up believing that failure was not a good thing hence terrified to land on it and see what it offers. We were never taught to believe that indeed we can, rather we should not fail, starting with our education system from early childhood, children are trained to pass exams and never to question why.

We believed that, I have to pass because that’s what my parents want from me, my teacher and even relatives, but what if I was made to believe I can always do it regardless of the outcome! Weather failure was inevitable in this case I still go ahead to do what I believe I can do. Many of us have missed important lessons that come with failure, failure is not a bad thing after all, it may not sound logic but take it from me, the best lessons in life can only be realize through several failed missions. Unfortunate, dozens try as much as we can to evade not just failure itself but the idea of how it feels, makes us lie back to our comfort zone than give it a try. Accepting defeat before giving it a shot, better die trying, it counts, parents too try to exempt us from this. The major problem that we have is misinterpretation of things, for example listens keenly to youths talking about life experience, you will be left wondering, is that it! 

What it means by life experience to most youth is what they actually did during the last bikini party that was held at some unspecified place, how much they were able to spend on drinks and still drove home safely, what it feels to have a one night stand and fall apart, how it feels to introduce a backyard snob to real life beyond the perimeters of their walls, how crazy it is writing a list of names with everyone we have sex with as if the number determine how close you are to winning your golden sex medal, what an award!! After all its easy to do that, write a list of all those names than script a simple layout of a 5-10years strategic plan of your life, fine how did it help you.

Youth should understand one thing, productivity in us is at its peak right now, this is the time our minds should work for us actually the shortest stage of our life, like a fireball it goes unnoticed, with a blink of an eye, it will be gone it passes away so quickly like flash light and the only way I will appreciate life on this chase board at my prime age is by making those smart moves. The best experiences are those that will leave scars on us, every time you look on them you remember one thing, I went through this and I came out in one single piece, may be you had to do part time jobs to raise your tuition fee, yaani uli stuggle to be where you are, where you wanted to be, ulistruggle real hustle, such experience are quite unforgettable. But if you were lucky to have able parents and that you didn't have to hustle for your college fee, never find comfort in this, let it be an experience you learned the importance of working hard to provide the best for your family just like what your parents did.

Absurdly, majority of the youths are realistically unconscious, materialistic enough to believe I am good enough with this expensive shoe, watch, latest Smartphone, designers cloth, big fancy parties, the latest model of range rover and forget that what is best for some else is never the best for you. Hauna kakitu but tamaa imekujaa, we love this big things and wish to get them but never learn how to get them, it is like we want wealth but we don't want to know the steps in making wealth, sleep do the wishful thinking and wake up as the new millionaire in town. Invalid dreams I say, Steps to wealth, to your greatness is very simple than most complicated things that we engaged in 24/7hrs.

Coming up with a strategic plan, that is, being you, do you, be you stop obsessing on other’s lifestyle, if you ever dreamt of becoming a billionaire, that business tycoon, an investor in the real estate, a renowned writer of our times, that CEO of the year then your strategic plan should be on point ahead of schedule may be ten years from ahead. Set policies to govern your activities that will ensure actualization of your plans after ten years from now, regardless of where you are or what you have if any of this idea ever came while still in your primary, high school or even campus, develop that strategic plan bearing in mind that failure will be born along the way not to discourage you but for the purpose of learning. 

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