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Political idolatry is our biggest undoing
By Patrick Opondi | Updated Aug 02, 2016 at 15:10 EAT

Ever asked yourself why our politics is unattractive and diluted? Today every Tom, Dick and Harry is vying, with big promises.

They come in choppers, guzzlers and all sorts of armoured vehicles, surrounded by mean-looking men as bodyguards. All in an attempt to impress you for your votes.

Our extreme admiration of materialistic things can only be equated to idolatry. Our vision, thinking and ability to make rational decisions appears to be obscured and compromised by wealth. If you are poor, count yourself out of this league of big bucks.

Campaign budgets are astonishing, even for such low-level positions as ward representatives. Reason has escaped our judgement in choosing the right leaders. We no longer vet character, integrity and background for leadership suitability. Instead of going for virtue, we measure the strength of the pocket.

We talk of what leaders own, the cars they drive, the suits they wear, the schools their children attend and what they eat as the hallmark to help us determine their suitability to lead.

To clean up government, we must first clean up Parliament. We can only achieve this by electing the right people. People of integrity, good character and good education.

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