Sex won't make us better youngsters

We meet those specific angels who throb our hearts

Who warm up our body temperatures and sweat trickles

That leaves our eyes having a hip hop dance as they stare

"I want you! Even just for a hug! Just for a night!"

Hormones take over as desires so tempting to touch

Though, we not physical touch, we touch with our eyes

We look into the future and fantasize that bed of roses

Playing hide-and-seek, a game without a referee.

Playing "cha mama na baba" and cook the meals we never fit to


Young, beautiful, breathtaking physique to let go off eyes

We find these intriguing personnel

Driven by beauty

Desires for a duty

"You look hot, stunning, beautiful, I love your lips,..."

All the social media crap!

She falls for it

Her body warming as the hormones awaken

Making her face lit with glee and glamour

Imaginations takes control

Desires build fantasies

The craves rise

The words make meaning

She listens, she entertains him

The conversation burns up

Bam! Then, 'l love you sets in!'



A day is scheduled

They meet in town

She, dressed to kill ~and evoke the emotions

He, dressed in his latest swag

Looks a 'yoyo'

She thinks, 'damn he got swag!'

Up to date~yes!

But wonder, is the upstair updated?

Which kind of chip is installed?

Durable, perishable, updated?


He takes her by the hand

Walks besides her along the streets

Acts like a Vikings' actor masculine to protect what is his

She feels great

She brushes off smiles as passers-by steal a glance at them

'This is my man! Bitches please, 'choke yourselves'!

Team mafisi, 'kuleni kwa macho!'

That could be read once a sight on them.


In this five star hotel

Can be Serena, Ole Sereni, Hilton

They walk like a couple in their honeymoon

Sit opposite each other

Maybe, for a better view of the cleavage with popping yellow yellow fresh pawpaws ready for blending

He bites his lips,

She shies off

"Queen, what are we to be served"

Her heart skips a bit

In her mind she's like

'Damn! I'm lucky'

Fish, baby spinach, wine, and all delicacy ordered served

Conversations become intimate

He wipes her lips

Blushing, her eyes falls

All full and set

They walk out as he held her by the hand

She leans on his shoulder



'Can we have a rest while we talk?'

She nods up and down

He giggles

Leads her to a bed and breakfast restaurant

Books a room

They set in for a rest.


But do they talk?

Yes, they speak in tongues

They utter words worth a travel to the moon

Huh! Don't forget they have no knowledge to do with rocket science

But to the moon they journey

They eat honey on their way

They marry each other

They bore 'babies'

*Babe, l love you!*

*I love you too!*

They enjoy.


The rocket lands on earth

After a successful study of the moon

They dress up

Walk out

Pay for the services

Head to the bus stop

Girl boards, with sh.100 transport

There's no 'babe' again

Just a weird wave



You hate yourself than you had valued yourself earlier

You hate your actions

Your thighs pain

Your virginity gone!


Did sex make you a better person?

Did sex give you a reason to be proud of yourself?

What is your real face?


You broke your principle

You made 'fake love'

He just wanted fun

He is gone!

He can now brag

He can now say you nothing but cheap


You cry

You hate

You upgrade to a mother

Hardships set in

You drop out of school

You are now a parent

Or infected with a disease


Young sex won't make you mature

It won't make you a genius

It destroys

Do not commit adultery

Stay safe

Stay in God's light

Stay principled

And save the best for your wife

Be the best for your husband.



*©Janet Machuka*