• MPs, SRC clash over mileage claims, salaries

    1 day ago
    Legislators have expressed concern about hefty payments and siphoning of taxpayers’ money through mileage claims
  • SRC asks court to lift orders on MPs pay cut

    1 week ago
    The commission now wants the court to lift the orders saying it would be unfair for the taxpayer to shoulder the old pay
  • High court temporarily stops SRC from slashing MPs salaries

    1 month ago
    High court judge, Justice George Odunga has temporarily barred Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) from implementing the slashed remuneration and benefits for state officers and Members of Parliament.
  • Kenya’s public wage bill unsustainable, says SRC boss Sarah Serem

    1 month ago
    In July this year, the Government increased their pay and set aside Sh10 billion for the first phase of payout.
  • How ‘abrasive’ Sarah Serem made friends and foes

    1 month ago
    Clad in her striped full dress, wearing her sun glasses that complement her short hair, giving her a formal but frigid look; the Chairperson of Salaries and Remuneration Commission Sarah Serem settled on her chair to deliver speech to the media. The speech which was to be delivered at Riverside Nairobi on July 10, 2017 which was certainly going to have mixed reception from Kenyans. Her speech would follow a long duration of time, where the government decried the ballooning wage bill that the treasury said was crippling development.