Self-belief can move mountains

Nicholas Vujicic

It is amazing what love can do. It can move mountains, and heal the worst situations.

Embraced in its entirety, it has pulled the weakest from dark caves.

Nicholas Vujicic’s father Borislav confesses that he was shocked when he saw his little boy for the first time in December 1982.

When he got over his shock, he told his wife that they had just been blessed with a “beautiful baby”. And beautiful he was, only that he was limbless (had a rare disorder characterised by absence of legs and arms).

They wondered what kind of life he would lead. They chose to shower their little son with love. Any parent will tell you that was difficult. But the love they had for their bundle of joy was just enough to propel him to the great heights some of us with limbs will ever realise.

Indeed, love makes the world go round; millions of people across the world today look up to this young man to inspire them.

Popularly known as Nick, the now husband of Kanae, and now a father of two, loves a “life without limits” and has done more than most people born with all their body parts.


The renowned motivational speaker has never allowed his limitations to slow him down.

It has not always been rosy for the Australian, who has struggled emotionally and mentally as a child and once contemplated suicide but a mental picture of people standing by his graveside weeping for him was enough to pull him out of his dark prison.

He was able to fight bullying and depression when he was a teenager to become a motivation leader in school and church.

At 21, young Nick boasted of a Bachelor of Commerce degree. You have a choice to be angry for what you do not have or to be grateful for what you have.

Life is not always about the physical. There is the soul and mind. And when these are in the right state, then you can achieve your dreams.

You have a choice to not give up when you fall down. Many times, it may feel like you will never wake up, but with a little effort, you can do it. As long as you have have a purpose in life then you will manage to live a meaningful life, and make a difference.

Nick, who is unstoppable, has written in one of his motivational pieces that he keeps a pair of shoes in his wardrobe, for the simple reason that he believes in miracles.

Nothing can beat such belief. Nothing.