SCHOOLS: Kisii School retains Nyanza Region rugby 15s title

Kisii School celebrate with their trophy after winning the Nyanza Region rugby 15s title.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

Kisii School emerged triumphant as the Nyanza Region Rugby Fifteens Champions after a thrilling journey culminating in a hard-fought victory over Saint Mary's Yala in the finals, which went into extra time.

The intense encounter saw both teams locked in a 5-5 stalemate at the end of regular play.

However, Kisii School demonstrated their composure and resilience, managing to secure an 8-5 victory by slotting in a crucial penalty during extra time, sealing their place as the representatives of the Nyanza Region in the Nationals.

From the opening day of the regional tournament to the finals, Kisii School showcased their dominance and determination, leaving a trail of impressive performances in their wake.

Kisii School perform their haka after retaining the Nyanza Region rugby title.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

On the tournament's first day, Kisii School kicked off their campaign with a commanding 7-0 victory over Anjego, setting the tone for their formidable run. They continued their winning streak with a resounding 22-0 triumph over Nyabondo in their second match of the day.

As the tournament progressed to the second day, Kisii School maintained their momentum with a convincing 24-0 win against Agoro Sare, further solidifying their status as contenders for the title.

In the semifinals, Kisii School faced a formidable challenge from Maseno School but emerged victorious with a 3-0 win, showcasing their determination and skill under pressure.

Kisii School perform their haka after retaining the Nyanza Region rugby title.[Washington Onyango,Standard]

In the highly anticipated finals, Kisii School clashed with Saint Mary's Yala in a fiercely contested battle for supremacy.

Despite the tough competition, Kisii School exhibited their resilience and tactical prowess, ultimately securing an 8-5 victory in extra time, much to the delight of their supporters.

With their remarkable journey in the Nyanza Region Rugby Fifteens tournament, Kisii School has not only etched their name in the annals of regional rugby history but also earned the opportunity to represent the Nyanza Region with pride and determination in the upcoming Nationals.

Nyanza Region Rugby Fifteens

Day One

Kisii School 7,Anjego 0

Nyabondo 12 ,Agoro Sare 5

Maseno 29, Gekano 0

Saint Mary's Yala 65 Cardinal Otunga Mosocho 0

Nyabondo 0, Kisii School 22

Anjego 26 ,Agoro Sare 0

Maseno 39,Cardinal Otunga Mosocho 0

Saint Mary's Yala 41,Gekano 0

Day Two:

Anjego 7, Nyabondo 21

Kisii School 24, Agoro Sare 0

Gekano 16,Cardinal Otunga Mosocho 0

Maseno School 0, Saint Mary's Yala 0


Maseno School 0, Kisii School 3

Saint Mary's Yala 8, Nyabondo 5


Saint Mary's Yala 5, Kisii School 8

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