Female referee suffers sexist attack as teenage footballer shows privates to her

By Brian Murumba: Monday, May 27th 2019 at 18:40 GMT +3 | Football
Giulia Nicastro [Courtesy]

Life as a female referee can sometimes be daunting as it comes with all sorts of sexist abuse from fans, players or even managers, especially those who feel undermined by the referee's actions during a match.

A female referee identified as Giulia Nicastro suffered serious sexist abuse as a teenage player decided to expose himself to her during a youth match she was officiating in Italy. The match was being played between Treporti and Miranese, in an armature league in Rome.

The abuse was followed by a dozen more from angry supporters who thought the 22-year old referee was undermining their team.

According to Italian reports, the player lowered his shorts after Nicastro awarded a corner-kick to the opponents.

He then dared her to send him off or to perform or perform sexual practices on him.

This prompted her to show the young player a red card which sent him parking and this did not go well with the fans.

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Reports claim that over 20 fans supporting the youngster's team, Treporti, hurled abuse at Nicastro during the match.

The club, however, did nothing to stop their supporters from doing so. But later issued an apology for the shameful act.

"We have already apologised to the organising company.

"The same will be done to the referee we are trying to contact." Said Treporti manager Marco Dalla Puppa.

This is not the first incident of sexist abuse in football.

In 2016, Yeovil Town midfielder-turned-official Stacey Pearson sent off an assistant manager for saying "she should be in the kitchen washing up, not on the pitch."

The full report of the incident has reportedly been taken to the Rome Football Federation for consideration.?

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