Three obvious blunders good bettors should avoid

By Chrisphine Magak: Friday, February 22nd 2019 at 08:09 GMT +3 | Sports
Sports betting has become a norm in Kenya [Courtesy]

You cannot afford to make mistakes when betting. As an ‘investor’, you want to make loads of cash. Unfortunately, you won’t if you make the following mistakes:

Not having a bank

Any serious wager needs to open a separate bank-exclusively meant for betting. It helps you manage your investment and keeps you focused on your goal. This is what professional bettors do, and they count their wins every month. Don’t be a short-term punter. Open an account for your ‘investment’. Thank me later.

Being impatient

Betting is not all about luck. It requires some sort of skills. Skills which come by when you have patience! You must conduct research and have discipline in the job.

Don’t be fooled when bookies advertise someone that won millions. That’s just one person out of millions that lost!

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Always take your time, do your analysis and make informed predictions. Don’t be impatient to win just because you heard someone else won.

Not considering Starting XI

In football, players who get to the pitch first to play against an opponent, are called Starting XI, which simply means the first 11 men to play. Most times, the squad is composed of the most lethal players, whose main intention is to win a match.

But unfortunately, most punters overlook the starting lineups of the teams involved in the matches while placing their bets.

That’s risky and unprofessional. You must know if the dependable striker is in the squad before betting.