Widow, children fight for former late soldier's Sh15m estate

The widow wants the court to declare her the only legal administrator of her husband’s estate. [iStockphoto]

The widow and children of late soldier Wilson Kiprono have disowned each other in court, as they seek control of his Sh15 million estate.

Eunice Jerop, 47, has disowned her stepdaughter Alicent Tarus as she defends letters of administration of the estate issued to her on January 21, 2015.

Kiprono estate includes 15-acre land in Esageri, Sh1.7million military gratuity, Sh2.2 million insurance money, pension of Sh32,000 per month and savings of over Sh200,000 in two bank accounts.

In her case before Justice Samwel Mohochi, Jerop now wants to block her stepdaughter Tarus from a share of the estate.

“I do not know Tarus and my late husband never mentioned that he had a daughter with another woman,” she submits.

Jerop insists even in Tarus’s birth certificate, Kiprono’s name is not indicated as her father. “It is thus clear that Tarus is not my stepdaughter,” reads Jerop’s application.

Jerop has also disowned her son Cleophas Kiptanui, saying he betrayed her by colluding with her brothers-in-law to disown her of Kiprono’s estate.

She states that Kiptanui and her in laws, maliciously signed an alleged agreement to distribute Kiprono’s estate in her absence.

She further claims her son kicked her out of her matrimonial home in June 2014, claiming she was not his mother. “On May 31, 2014, my rogue son came with his uncles, armed with machetes and crude weapons and forced me to flee from my matrimonial home” she avers.

Jerop insists her son has become so violent that she even reported him before the local administration.

She adds that he started selling livestock and maize from her store, cultivating her land and misusing the estate. “I moved to court because my peaceful life had been interrupted by my son who has disowned, abused and threatened to kill me,” she says.

She wants the court to declare her the only legal administrator of her husband’s estate and permanently evict her son and in-laws.

Kiptanui, however, claims his mother, in betrayal, has not only disowned him, but she left his name when she filed the succession case in 2014.

He also accuses his mother of taking all money belonging to the deceased including gratuity from the military.

He denies evicting her and states that she left her home after they disagreed over the estate’s distribution.