I regret picking you, Natembeya tells his deputy Philomena

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya. [Kipsang Joseph, Standard]

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya has escalated the dispute with his deputy Philomena Kapkory saying he regrets picking her just over a year in office.

“I regret picking you (Kapkory) as my deputy, you were even rejected by your community and you cost me the support from the community,” Natembeya, said while speaking in Chepchoina during the launch of a football tournament.

Natembeya accused Kapkory of dragging him into unnecessary squabbles to derail his development agenda for the people who elected him.

“When I picked her, the Sabaots asked me where I had gotten her from. I had options, but I settled on her because I wanted to bring peace between my Bukusu community and her community. Little did I know she would turn against me,” asserted Natembeya.

Addressing a gathering at Chepchoina during the launch of Natembeya football cup, the governor challenged his deputy to state where he had wronged her or her community.

“Those from the Sabaot community who are here, go and ask her whether I stopped her from discharging her official duties or refused to respond to the development needs of the community,” he posed.

The governor argued that he was not elected to serve an individual but the public and vowed to stand firm.

He faulted his deputy for being used by his political enemies to incite the Sabaots against him and disengage him from focusing on the development agenda of the county.

“We need to serve our people and not fight for selfish agendas. Let us direct our energies on the people’s needs and not our selfish gains,” he said.

He criticised some leaders for fighting him after he allegedly turned down their dirty deals.