Trans Nzoia deputy governor seeks Senate help to reconcile with Natembeya

Trans Nzoia Deputy Governor Phillomenah Kapkory appeared before the Senate Devolution Committee to express her claims of insecurity and threats at Parliament on November 6, 2023. [Boniface Okendo, Standard]

Trans Nzoia Deputy Governor Philomenah Bineah Kapkory has sought the intervention of the Senate to restore the good working relationship with Governor George Natembeya.

Ms Kapkory who appeared before the Senate Devolution Committee in Nairobi yesterday claimed that she has been unable to return back to Trans Nzoia for fear of her security following threats by some junior county employees.

The Deputy Governor who appeared before the committee chaired by Wajir Senator Sheikh Abbass said that her office's budgetary allocation had been reduced to Sh50,000 per month compared to her predecessor who used to receive at least Sh200,000 per month for operations.

“I have feeling that I am being set up for failure, I have been given some responsibilities by Governor George Natembeya but the budgetary allocation to my office has been reduced to Sh50,000 which is very little compared to even what County Executive Committee Members get,” she said.

Kapkory told the committee that she is currently operating from her Nairobi home and has reported the security concerns to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation headquarters.

She claimed that she has been sidelined and was not being involved in most county activities despite being the principal assistant to the governor.

The deputy governor further alleged that some County Executive Committee Members and county employees disrespect her.

She said even though the County Commissioner has assured her of security she was not comfortable going back to Trans Nzoia.

“I have been respectful and loyal to the governor but at times I feel that my input is not valued with the governor not taking my advice on some issues that I feel are important, at the moment we communicate through the County Secretary which is not supposed to be the case,” she claimed.

Kapkory told the committee that the deputy governor's official residence that was occupied by her predecessor and which had been under renovation was converted into the First Lady's office and she has been forced to use her private residence to perform some official duties.

She further claimed that she had not been allocated an official vehicle and was currently using an old vehicle that had been in the county service for the last 10 years.

Abbass said that the committee will work towards reconciling Natembeya and  Kapkory and the governor will be summoned to give his side of the story.

“This committee will summon Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya to listen to his side of the story and help reconcile them, we will also summon the Inspector General of Police to ensure the security of the Deputy Governor is beefed up,” he said.

Marsabit Senator Mohammed Chute asked the deputy governor whether she was not worried about the possibility of impeachment following her revelation to the committee to which she responded that if being a victim will the reason for removal from office, she was ready for any eventuality.

Chute said that Kapkory should be allowed to get what befits her office and should not to be treated as a second-class citizen having been jointly elected with the governor.

Kisii Senator Richard Onyonka asked the committee to deal with all cases of governors sidelining their deputies and in some cases engaging goons to attack leaders who have divergent opinions saying that should not be allowed to continue.

“The deputy governor has raised serious issues which need to be dealt with by the committee so as to ensure that she is able to discharge her duties as expected and governors should not be allowed to make life difficult for their deputies,” said Onyonka.