Some political promises could cause a revolution, says Kibicho

Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho (pictured) has warned of some election promises having the potential of causing a revolution.

While defending government officials accused of taking sides in the presidential contest, Dr Kibicho said many contestants were going all out to make lofty promises without caring about the possible repercussions.

"If I was not in church, I would have said they have become mad," he said at a church service at ACK St Mary's Kiangima Girls Secondary School in Embu West Sub-county.

Kibicho told Kenyans to be wary of some of the promises made by politicians, warning that some may cause a revolution in the first six months because they will not be fulfilled.

"We should be very careful how we process some of these promises," he said.

He warned that the government will continue to tighten security as the political temperatures rise, with election day fast approaching.

"We are watching and will take decisive action. Let's not have apologies for people who want to destroy our beautiful country. Elections will come and go," Kibicho said.

He said leadership was not just about getting to the office but what one will offer to the citizens.

"I know there are deliberate efforts to gag some of us but we will not tire, we are saying you must go out there and look for leaders with integrity, who preach peace, humility and who can listen to you," he said.

Kibicho warned against criminalising ethnicity, adding that Kenya is a country of more than 40 tribes and requires a leader who can unite the people and stabilise the country.

He said the Ministry of Interior was prepared for peaceful elections.

"The best gift for this country is to have a peaceful process on August 9 and we will do deployments as per the request by the IEBC," he said.

Kibicho said teachers should be honoured for the good job they do, adding that the competency-based curriculum (CBC) was a good initiative that should be supported by all.

"It has recognised that there are many parts to appreciate success," he said.

National Cohesion and Integration Commission Vice-chair Wambui Nyutu warned politicians against spreading hate speech.

"At the commission, we are advocating for elections 'bila noma'. As you do your campaigns, kindly remember we have a country to live in after the elections," she said.