I'll use religion to fight graft, Presidential candidate Abduba Dida says

Presidential candidate Abduba Dida addressing at mosque in Narok. He said he will use religion to fight graft if elected President. PHOTO: ROBERT KIPLAGAT

NAROK: Presidential candidate Abduba Dida says he will use religion to fight corruption if elected next year.

Dida who unsuccessfully vied for the presidency during the 2013 General Election dismissed Jubilee's fight against the vice.

Dida, who spoke at Darul Quran Mosque yesterday, said Kenya has lost the war against corruption because leaders don't believe in God.

"Both Christianity and Islam have outlawed any form of stealing. This involves using money to buy poor voters as well as giving false promises. If elected, I will ensure Kenyans get back all the stolen cash, Dida said. 

"The Jubilee leadership must seek divine intervention if they are to win the fight against corruption for if you cannot respect God, you won't respect your mother, neighbour and anybody. Anyone who does not believe in God is worse than an animal and this is what we are seeing in our country today."

Dida noted religious doctrines make leaders disciplined. "Disciplined leaders will not engage in corruption that is hurting our economy."

He said the reason he wants to be president of Kenya is to help the country realise development and for citizens to lead a good life.

Meanwhile, Dida caused laughter when he declared that no newlyweds shall be issued with a marriage certificate until the bride obtains a certificate in nutrition.

"Health will be a key factor in my leadership. Women cannot go around feeding their husbands on carbohydrates throughout making them pot-bellied in the process. A wife should be trained in nutrition to a balanced meal," said Dida.

Wajir South MP Abdullahi Diriye, who accompanied him, called on Muslims to throw their weight behind Dida saying he is capable of leading the country.

"In the last elections, I voted Dida for President and will do so again. All Muslims should support Dida by voting as a bloc," he said.