This 'girl' is not available, Ababu Namwamba tells Deputy President William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto and former ODM Secretary General Ababu Namwamba in an earlier photo. Ababu has officially denied claims that he is joining the Jubilee party as claimed by DP Ruto yesterday. (PHOTO: COURTESY)

Former ODM Secretary General Ababu Namwamba has officially denied claims that he is joining the Jubilee party as claimed by DP Ruto yesterday. In a statement released to the public, Ababu addressed the claims candidly.

“One, as a Christian, I would like to remind the DP of the 10th Commandment: Thou shall not covet! No one should salivate and covet the political opportunities created by our actions and resignation from ODM positions. If anyone expects to reap from the decisions my colleagues and I have taken, they are mistaken. Although a girl has no control over the roaming eyes of any boy that may have designs on her, sadly for any suitors out there, Jubilee or CORD, this girl is simply not available!” he began.

Ababu also said that he and his colleagues are ‘firmly focussed on our agenda of realising the political aspirations of the Mulembe Nation and the bigger western renaissance” and that they would not be distracted by the wild propaganda and speculation about their destination or who they shall partner with in that journey.

Ababu went on to say, “Let it be known here - and today being Sunday for those who profess our Christian faith - that for the avoidance of doubt, there is no deal by myself or any member of the team involved in this initiative to join the Jubilee Party.”.

“Three, we are flattered by the reported desire of the DP to have us in Jubilee. But no, thanks. We are not available. And it would be reckless for anyone to attempt to take credit for our actions in a bid to please or consolidate their constituency. We wish the DP well, nonetheless.”

Ababu said he and his cronies are aware that some of the Mulembe people they were consulting with have since indicated their intent to join Jubilee. “They are free to exercise their democratic rights however they may choose. We offered them a viable choice before they made their announcement. We wish them good luck but our struggle continues.”

From the very outset, Ababu says, they have been very clear on what we are about and what is driving us. “This is about self-determination. The very thought of the western region consolidating its political strength and reaching out to other parts of the country to build a formidable alliance is terrifying to those who have traditionally targeted the House of Mulembe as their hunting ground.

“That's why we have seen, heard and read all manner of spurious propaganda spewed against us. Oh, we are being bankrolled by Jubilee, oh we are moles, oh, we have been paid 100m to wreck ODM... All that is hogwash.

These attacks are designed to discredit us in the face of our people and further divide the Luhya community and the Western region generally. They will not succeed. We shall march on unbowed hand in hand with all our brothers and sisters who share in this noble mission of liberating our people from subjugation and humiliation,” Ababu’s statement reads.

Ababu pronounced bad news for their adversaries and detractors insisting that he and his allies are staying on course. He said they would not be derailed by their propaganda or floored by their sinister schemes. He called on all their friends, supporters and patriots of their cause to stay put.

Winding up his statement in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, the CORD defector enthused, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. We passionately believe in the beauty of this dream.”.