We can dream even bigger in the New Year

Fireworks filled Nairobi's skylines as Kenya joined the rest of the world in ushering in the new year 2023. [Denish Ochieng, Standard]

The year many Kenyans loved to hate is over. The year 2022 has been one of the most difficult years in Kenya's history.

Plagued by the Covid-19 pandemic, ravaged by drought and fractured by highly divisive campaigns, spiralling cost of living, high food, fuel and electricity costs, it was not an easy period for many.

When all this was further compounded by the rise in commodities and a weak shilling against the US dollar and the war in Ukraine, life for Kenyans became almost unmanageable.

With this calamitous year now coming to an end, Kenya and its leaders now have an opportunity to pick up the pieces and rectify some of the issues that impeded growth and harmony.

With elections now behind us and President William Ruto at the helm, the country has a chance to heal the wounds and divisions caused by the divisive campaigns.

There is hope too that the right measures and policies will be put in place so that the cost of electricity and fuel will be lowered to manageable levels so that Kenya's manufacturing sector can recover from the prevailing adverse effects which have made the cost of producing extremely high.

Now that normalcy has returned in the education sector, parents have reason to hope that the burden of school fees and the anxiety of a tightly packed school calendar will be eased, and their children get a chance to grow and learn without undue pressure.

It is now time to refine the curriculum so that it meets the needs of our nation as it marches towards industrialisation and growth.

In the new year, let's spare no effort in strengthening key sectors of the economy and focusing our energies in delivering a bold renaissance. Collectively, we can go far in taking the country forward.

As ordinary Kenyans put all their hopes on their leaders to steer the ship in the right direction, leaders too must rededicate themselves to public service and avoid exchanges that not only disrupt development projects but also fuel tension and animosity. There should be no room for hunky-punky business and all pubic resources should be jealously guarded and plunderers punished.

The New Year also presents all Kenyans an opportunity to strengthen the institutions and structures so that all resources are mobilised towards solving the collective challenges that confront the country.

Together, all Kenyans can stand up to the most challenging moments and strongest adversary and that is why as we usher in the New Year we must all pull together for the good of all.

Yes, 2023 holds a great promise for the country. The Sunday Standard and the entire Standard Group wishes you a happy New Year!