Kisii County government asked to ensure proper planning of Suneka town

John Oyioka follows the proceedings at the court of appeal in Kisumu.

An MP has called on the county administration to ensure Suneka Town is developed to the same level as other major towns in the county.

Bonchari MP John Oyioka (pictured) said yesterday that Suneka was one of the largest towns in Kisii, and it required proper planning.

Speaking during the launch of Huduma Namba registration in the county, Mr Oyioka called on the national government to also hasten the construction of Suneka airstrip, and the renovation of Suneka stadium.

“The completion of Suneka airstrip is long overdue, we are calling on the Ministry of Transport to ensure that the project is completed as promised,” said Oyioka.

Transport Chief Administrative Secretary Chris Obure said the Government was committed to the completion of the airstrip.

“I would like to assure the people of Kisii that Suneka airstrip will be completed as promised by the President,” said Mr Obure.

Deputy Governor Joash Maangi said the county administration would develop Suneka town further, by ensuring that it had proper physical planning.

He said Suneka Stadium would also be renovated.