Venture into farming to secure livelihood, Wajir Woman Rep tells residents

Wajir Woman Rep Fatuma Jehow with Arbajahan Women farmers where they showcased some of the bananas they harvested. [Mohammed Saman, Standard]

Wajir Woman Rep Fatuma Jehow has appealed to women in the county to venture into farming in a bid to ease the cost of living.

Jehow said such ventures will play a key role in the bid to boost economic and food security efforts.

The Woman Rep spoke in Arbajahan where she met a group of women whom she provided with both motivational support and tangible resources to enhance their agricultural efforts.

Arbajahan Women farmers consist of Widows, divorcees and vulnerable women in the society, who come together to venture into farming and also stop over-dependency on their spouses.

She said women are the backbone of agriculture, making significant contributions to crop production, livestock management, fisheries, and forestry.

"Agriculture is a powerful tool for transforming lives. By empowering women to take up farming, we are enhancing their role in the community and boosting our local economy," she said.

According to her, she plans to expand the initiative to other regions within Wajir County while creating a network of women farmers who can share resources and experiences.

This network, she said aims to foster a supportive community, enhancing the agricultural sector.

While reiterating her resolve to fight against drug abuse, Jehow said, “As your Woman Representative, I am committed to fighting drug and substance abuse and combating radicalization in our community. I will support soccer and other youth initiatives to keep our young people engaged and productive. Together, we can create a safer and brighter future for our youth.”

Abdia Ali Farah; one of the beneficiaries said her life has changed since venturing into farming.

"Our region is famous for pastrolism and the role of women is limited. We decided to work for ourselves and start farming; it has been a life-changing experience," said Farah.