Bahati: Diana moved out of our home a number of times after disagreements

Diana Marua and Bahati. [Instagram]

Singer Bahati has disclosed that his union with Diana Marua has not always been a bed of roses.

Speaking during an interview on Radio Citizen, Bahati said they had several disagreements during their first year of marriage and Diana walked out three times.

“When we started dating we had several challenges. In the first year, she would walk out whenever we had an argument.

“Unamwendea kwao…unaanza zero. Mara mbili tatu…she used to complain that I was not giving her enough time,” said Bahati, acknowledging that he was struggling to balance work and family.

He added that achieving perfect balance in a relationship takes time and at the moment they are in a good place despite regular criticism on social media.

Asked about Diana’s music journey, Bahati said he was also surprised when his wife said she wanted to release a song.

Diana Marua [Instagram]

“I was surprised…it never occurred to me that she would walk into a studio and record a song but she has always been aggressive.

“When I listened to her lines I liked her confidence and flow. She has really improved over time. There are so many critics but I do not focus on that. If you are not criticized it means you do not have an impact,” he remarked.

The ‘Sweet Love’ singer added that Diana writes her songs although he gives insights once in a while.

“She is not a musician per se but she is doing very well as a content creator. Music is more of a hobby to her.

“Diana is an amazing brand influencer…she owns products and sells them aggressively. She is actually better than me,” said Bahati.

Phones and passwords

Asked whether he ever checks Diana’s phone, Bahati said he trusts her and it has never occurred to him that something sinister might be going on.

He further stated that Diana has full access to his phone but it has never brought any friction between them.