Police ask Kenyans to stop sharing video of smoking minor

A screengrab of the video.

The National Police Service (NPS) on Thursday issued a statement following the circulation of a video where a minor was captured smoking a ‘prohibited substance’.

Based on the utterances made in the video, the NPS said there was a high likelihood that the minor might have been given 'bhang' and termed the behavior as disgraceful.

“The language used in the clip seems to confirm this suspicion, given that reference is made to an ideology propagated by a section of the ongoing politics.

“And of extreme concern is the fact that the act and it’s filming seems to be done by either an adult or adults, all unperturbed by what is transpiring,” wrote the NPS.

The Police Service also urged Kenyans to desist from sharing the video as the acts depicted are criminal and punishable by the law.

“Those spreading the clip are also abetting the violation of the law and rights of the minor, and should “cease and desist” from onward transmission of the same.

“NPS is therefore appalled, and wish to advise the public not to openly engage in acts that are defiant of the law. Equally, violations of rights of children, especially minors constitute a criminal offense and our teams are investigating the matter in effort to bring the suspects to book,” read the statement in part.