Why you’re unable to buy Kenya Power tokens currently

Kenyans unable to buy tokens due to a technical hitch [ Antony Gitonga, Standard]

Kenyans were, on Thursday morning, March 3, unable to buy electricity tokens after a technical glitch hit the Kenya Power system.

The firm said in a statement that efforts had been embarked on to restore services.

“We would like to inform our customers that we are experiencing a technical hitch (sic) which is affecting prepaid token generation and postpaid bill payment,” Kenya Power said in a statement posted on Twitter.

“Our team has identified the issue, and restoration of normal services is currently in progress.”

Affected Kenyans took to social media to express their frustration.

Frank Walukwe, whose Twitter handle is @FOWalukwe, said: “@KenyaPower_Care [my] transaction has failed. [The message I’m receiving upon trying to buy tokens is]: ‘M-PESA cannot complete payment of Ksh1,500.00 to KPLC PREPAID. Organisation receiving the payment is unavailable, try again later’. Are your systems down, and if they are for how long?”

Kyuma Kithii (@kyumakithii) posed: “@KenyaPower_Care what does this mean: ‘Transaction failed, M-PESA cannot complete payment of Ksh500.00 to KPLC PREPAID’.

Update: On Thursday at 1:38pm on Twitter, Kenya Power informed its customers that pre-paid and post-paid business operations were back to normal.