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We're depending on overdrafts to run, says Meru Deputy Governor Ntuciu

Meru Deputy Governor Titus Ntuciu [Courtesy]

The county government is struggling due to delays in disbursement of funds by the National Treasury, Deputy Governor Titus Ntuciu has said.

Mr Ntuciu, who is also the Finance Executive, said many operations have been affected and salaries delayed.

"We last got money in January," he said, adding that the county is relying on bank overdrafts to meet its financial obligations.

"But even getting overdrafts is a challenge when we experience such long delays in receiving disbursements. We have to clear one overdraft facility before we borrow again," he said.

Taking loans from commercial banks was a decision taken by the county government to avoid a financial crisis.

Some contractors have raised concerns over delays by the county government to settle bills for work done.

A contractor who asked not to be named for fear of victimisation said despite camping at the county offices for weeks, no payments were forthcoming.

“I do not understand how I should raise money to pay my creditors who gave me the capital to carry out the contract,” said the contractor.