How we'll operate if we suspend Constitution - Prof Wajackoyah

Professor George Wajackoyah has shown interest in the presidency. [Kelvin Karani, Standard]

Presidential hopeful, Professor George Wajackoyah, has explained why he plans to suspend the constitution should he win the presidential race and how he would the country.

In an interview with KTN News’ News Hour on Wednesday evening, Wajackoyah said that a number of developed countries don't have written constitutions.

“We have countries with no constitution. Countries like the UK, Canada, Newzealand and Israel operate very efficiently without a written constitution,” he told anchor Ken Mijungu.

“Newzealand is a dominion and has no constitution. Canada also has no written constitution. They use the courts, parliament to make decisions. The UK people also refused a written constitution because they did not want rulers. All they wanted was a way forward as commoners; that is why we have the house of commons. They dictated to the king or the queen on what they wanted,”.

When asked how the country would operate if he suspends the constitution he explained that parliament and laws will be used to make and implement policies.

He opines that once the constitution is suspended and there is a need to amend the laws, the lawmakers will have to go back to parliament and debate it.

“We will enact legislation. The UK can’t propose any law in parliament before public participation as opposed to Kenya where leaders make an over 260-pages constitution and make laws to penalise Kenyans,” he said.

 “All we do is arrest someone with small marijuana (sic), take them to court and penalise them hefty fines,”.

On how he would deal with corruption, Wajackoyah suggested a death penalty for the guilty.

“Parliament will have to pass legislation allowing the death penalty for people found guilty. Countries like China and Singapore have done this successfully. They don’t spare corrupt leaders,” he added.

While announcing his candidature barely a week ago in Nairobi, Wajackoyah said, if elected president, he will introduce eight positions for chief ministers to replace regional commissioners.

Wajackoyah further said that he will legalise bhang farming and sale in Kenya and use the to offset the Chinese loans then sever ties with the Asian giant.

The lawyer further said that official workdays in Kenya would be between Monday and Thursday because Friday is Islamic prayer day.