Evans Kidero bans scrap metal trade in Nairobi County

By Roselyne Obala

NAIROBI, KENYA: Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has banned scrap metal trade and ordered the County licensing department to revoke monthly trade licenses issued to businesses.

Dr Kidero at the same directed a thorough scrutiny on all the business premises since this has led to massive vandalism of electric cables, lamp posts and guard rails along roads.

 “ No more trade licenses will be issued henceforth,” stated Kidero.

He added, “I am ordering all my licensing staff with immediate effect to revoke all the trade licenses and embark on a thorough audit of all the firms and individuals trading in scrap metal businesses to avert the massive vandalism within the County.”

He at the same time stressed the importance of security in the County and affirmed his commitment to tackle the matter.

“Improving security is key to better quality urban life,” said Kidero.

He declared that “Controlling crime and enhancing security and City Planning” is his top priorities in improving the safety of residents.

Kidero emphasized on the importance of safety and security as a key urgency area for his administration.

“Safety and security are pre-requisites for a healthy investment climate and for ensuring that the citizenry maximize their full potential in accessing the opportunities that the City County provides,” explained the governor.

 He added, “This means that we will focus and invest more on the social Capital inherent among residents and mainly the Youth through sports, arts and culture to enhance the social cohesion and peaceful co-existence of residents.”

He disclosed that his government will collaboration with the National Police Service to compliment community efforts with an acceptable level of effective policing of the public spaces and streets as well as in the neighborhoods.

“This requires reviews of our City by laws as well as public awareness campaigns right from the primary schools up to places of work,” he urged, adding that this will enhance social order and everyone’s right to the City.

Kidero said his administration is working on the re- launch of safer Nairobi initiative, which will see the review of the existing citywide crime prevention strategy prepared in the year 2005.

“This is the revamp of an Inter-departmental approach of safety and security interventions, to establish a safer Nairobi Initiative Trust Fund,” he noted.

He argued that the fund will enhance resources mobilisation through public-private sector partnerships and to support community-based innovations on safety and security so as to strengthen the interventions that have been under implementation since its inception in the 2003.

Kidero was speaking during a multi-stakeholders workshop on violence and urban safety jointly organized by his office and the World Bank.

Deputy Jonathan Mueke accompanied him.

Kidero also revealed that by the end of the year, his administration will begin putting addresses on plots and buildings so as to bring order and easy identification.

“My administration also intends to promote citizen’s pride in use of available City Public spaces,” he said.

He stated that this would be achieved through a processes prepared in the Integrated Urban Development Master Plan.

The plan allows for public participation where residents will propose ways of their involvement in the provision and management of public spaces.