Effects of post-election riots in Nyanza

Kisumu traders are taking advantage of the post-election crisis to hike prices. Photo:Courtesy

Prices of food in Kisumu have escalated following post-election crisis. A kilo of meat which initially sold at 350, now goes for Sh450, up by Sh100. Rice is going for Sh300, up from Sh250 per 2 kg tin and beans now cost Sh 250 per 2 kilogram tin. 

Before the August 8 General Election, price of beans was Sh200 in most open air and retail markets. Traders are taking advantage of the post-election crisis to hike prices.

This is because of scarcity of the commodities at markets and shops. The prices may remain high if the situation persists.

Given that most grains and vegetables are imported from the neighbouring countries, if the roads continue to be blocked, the situation may worsen.

Spot checks around some markets in Migori, Riosiri, Awendo, Nyabigege, Nyamarambe,   Opapo, Marindi revealed a shortage of sukuma wiki, beans, bananas and spider weeds.

This means consumers will struggle to get food from far flung markets. Some traders have also started selling fresh produce from their own farms.

Public transport costs have also gone up. Fare from Ringo to Migori is now Sh150 from Sh100. Awendo to Migori Sh150 from Sh100, and from Rongo to Kisumu, fare is Sh800, up from Sh400. Passengers from Rongo to Kisii now have to pay Sh200, up from Sh100 before the elections.

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