Research: Top five turn-ons for women on first date with a man

A man with a ponytail is the biggest turn-off for women looking for love online.

A poll of 2,000 men and women actively looking for love online revealed the top five turn ons and turn offs for both men and women - and the best and worst hairstyles to have if you want to be lucky in love.

It revealed what women don’t want when it comes to hairstyles in potential partners - with ponytails, like former Arsenal legend David Seaman, or more recently David Beckham, the biggest turn off.

When it came to female hair-dos, men favoured blondes over brunettes - and hated short hair and ‘obvious hair extensions’, according to the poll by hair product Fudge Urban Matte Head Master.

Claire Cavendish, 25, of Eastbourne, East Sussex, said: “If I see a guy with a ponytail of a top knot on my dating profile I’ll get rid of him straight away.

“I won’t even look at his profile, I just do not ever want to have to sit down for a drink with a guy who looks so ridiculous.”

Adam Hendry, 31, of Chesham, Bucks, said: “To be honest, I’m pretty much interested in any woman who is interested in me.

“I am a little bit put off my those weird eyebrows, but that wouldn’t stop me going on a date.”

The worst male hair styles voted by women are;

  1. A ponytail - 41 per cent
  2.  Hair longer than yours - 39 per cent
  3.   A man bun/top knot - 37 per cent
  4.  Curtains - 35 per cent
  5.   A bob - 33 per cent

The best male haircuts voted biggest turn-ons for women;

  1. Subtle quiff - 28 per cent
  2.  Boyband hair - 25 per cent
  3. Slicked back and suave - 22 per cent
  4. A man bun/top knot - 16 per cent
  5.  An undercut - 16 per cent

The worst five female hair styles voted biggest turn-offs by men;

  1. Obvious hair extensions - 51 per cent
  2. Brightly-coloured hair - 42 per cent
  3. Short pixie crop - 41 per cent
  4.    Beehive - 26 per cent
  5. Messy bun - 18 per cent

The best female hair styles which were voted the biggest turn-ons by men are;

  1. Long - 36 per cent
  2. Blonde - 32 per cent
  3. Brunette - 28 per cent
  4.  Natural waves - 22 per cent
  5. Straight - 16 per cent

The poll also asked what the top five turn on and turns off where for men and women when it came to dating online.

The top five turn-ons for women were good dress sense (63 per cent), tattoos (36 per cent), potos with a pet (30 per cent), a light tan (29 per cent), a six-pack (24 per cent)

The top five turn-offs for women were a profile photo with another girl (60 per cent), a photo with an ex-lover ‘obviously cropped out’ (52 per cent), over-grooming (39 per cent), too muscley (34 per cent), long beard (33 per cent).

The top five turn-ons for men were a nice smile (66 per cent), good dress sense (53 per cent), a light tan (29 per cent), no make-up (22 per cent), tattoos (18 per cent).

The top five turn-offs for men were lots of make-up (47 per cent), high definition eyebrows (30 per cent), too much pouting (29 per cent), holding a baby (28 per cent), overly-groomed (25 per cent).